Who is Team Goodang?

Team Goodang is a band of like-minded innovative fishermen based predominantly in Canberra. The team focuses it’s fishing efforts on luring Australia’s two most prestigious freshwater fish – the enigmatic Murray cod and Golden Perch.

We pride ourselves on learning about Australia’s freshwater native fish and educating ourselves further on how to catch them in unique and innovative ways. We take pride in sharing our fishing experiences with other like minded fisho’s in the form of journalism, photography and film. As a collaborative effort TG has successfully published several thought provoking articles in some of our countries most renowned fishing publications – featuring four cover shots to date.

Away from the water, the team has a well rounded skill base from marketing and media, sports and health education, graphic and digital media design and water/energy management. Our main goal is to continue to learn and share experiences as a team and push our limitations when it comes to fishing, photography, writing and film.

Fish for the future.


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2 Replies to “About TG

  1. Good afternoon boys
    I’m going to update my Cod outfits with Nitro rods, just wondering if you could give me some guidance to what you would recommend, i usually have one rod for casting and one for trolling and i use baitcaster reels, where i live in central Vic i haven’t much chose in viewing the Nitro range and would have to travel to Melbourne to view them. I did have a look at a Upgrader Undertaker 4-6 kg sometime ago it was someone i bumped into while i was out fishing, seemed to be a very nice rod, hope this make sense i’m not very good on this e-mail stuff, but any help would be much appreciated
    Thank you

    1. Hi Paul,

      There is a nice range of choices in the Nitro Range for Murray Cod capable Bait-cast sticks but after many years fishing with Nitro, we have come up with our own preferences.

      For Casting medium to large sized lures we choose the Nitro Crankbait, 2-4kg.
      For trolling and casting heavier lures you can’t go past the Nitro Upgrader Undertaker, 4-6kg.

      Check them out at http://www.innovatorrods.com/nitro-cast.html

      Hope this helps.

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