A lot like dieting advice, there’s a truckload of information out there about whether cod fisho’s should tie on a monofilament or fluorocarbon leader. And just like dieting, the more people you ask, the more opinions you get.

You will find the staunch Paleo and low-carb supporters, while other factions will swear black and blue, as they furiously point to textbooks that the Atkins diet is best.

Admittedly, the leader debate isn’t as life changing, but it still has very parochial supporters yelling from each side of the fence – ok, let’s get to the specs.

The Boomerang Tool is a very precise cutting tool which is perfect for cutting excess braid and heavy leader close to the knot. Do yourself a favour and grab a pair!!

Nylon Monofilament

Mono is water permeable, meaning water can enter and exit the line, causing it to either suspend or float, depending on the waters nutrient composition (i.e level of salinity).

While this doesn’t sound like a big factor, allowing water, humidity, extreme temperature and UV light to infiltrate the line, however, can lead to long-term structural integrity issues – so use it or lose it.

This permeability also means the line is much more supple than its fluro friend, making the tying of knots a much more snug and compact practice – big tick!


On the flipside, fluorocarbon is essentially water retardant, meaning water or UV light fails to penetrate its outer core, making the line sink through the water column.

This lack or permeability and UV resistance also makes the line a lot more abrasion resistant and stiffer to feel, with its long-term strength also out pointing mono – an obvious advantage when fishing around rocky and serrated terrain.

Fluorocarbon’s light refractive index is much higher than mono, meaning when immersed in water it is less visible than its monofilament mate.

Leader of the Pack

So, where does this crash course in the science leave us? The basic info any Murray Cod angler should take from it is there is very little difference between the two.

Ultimately, for us however, it comes down to Mono tying a better knot at both ends of the connection and Fluro having superior abrasion resistance properties.

If fishing deeper water where there is limited roughage in the immediate vicinity 60lb or 80lb Jinkai Plus Monofilament is our preferred choice, which is a staple trace for experienced big game anglers.

If we are fishing particularity treacherous terrain like the porous boulder-littered bank’s of Copeton dam or skinny water sessions out of the Hobie  60lb – 80lb GAMMA Fluorocarbon Leader is the weapon of choice.

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