Norbs from TG gives a detailed review of the new Jackall Dowz Swimmer 220SF. These hybrid Swimbait / Glidebait are beautifully finished in true Jackall fashion and destined to be popular among Murray Cod fisho’s across Australia. Visit Jackall Australia for more information about the Jackall Dowz Swimmer 220SF.

The Upgrade Debate

Why do you always have to upgrade hooks and split rings when you fork out an arm-and-a-leg for a high-end Japanese lure?  You pay enough anyway, so shouldn’t the terminal tackle on the lure be good enough to hold a decent cod?  Well, it’s a bit of a double edged sword. Here’s why. To get…


Harry Watson from Jackall Australia discusses one of his favorite new Swimbaits that Jackall Gantia.

Getting Bent or Staying Straight

Nothing is more key-critical to hooking and holding that Cod of a lifetime than the much-maligned treble hook. A humble hook type that essentially has two main players – a straight or curve pointed treble. But, does this seemingly inconspicuous hook characteristic and a few other factors really make any difference? And if so, what?…

The Swimbait Weighting Game

With the explosion of Swimbait fishing in this country comes with it a concurrent rise in tackle tinkers exploring different ways to modify theses bibless beauties. Without question, the one modification dominating the angler discourse is the addition of weights to your baits to alter its sink rate. So, let’s take a look at the…